Oh! Matcha

Traditionally, matcha is consumed in tea ceremonies in Japan as it has been for almost a thousand years. Zen Buddhist monks are known to drink matcha and health practitioners in Japan recommend matcha for its wide range of health benefits.

Oh! Matcha bringing you a healthy alternative

Oh! Matcha has been established to make this natural, healthy and delicious style of food and beverage available to local consumers. The Founders of Oh! Matcha have had years of experience in the Australian restaurant and café industry where they have successfully been specialising in matcha food and beverages.

Oh! Matcha brings the natural and healthy traditional Japanese offering to a contemporary style café setting where instead of a Latté, customers can order a Matcha Latté, and instead of a cappuccino, a Matchaccino. The matcha cakes and desserts look enticing and taste amazing.

It’s all Surprisingly Good!



Matcha is harvested from tea leaves, the same leaves used for black tea and green tea. In its basic form, matcha appears as powdered green tea. Matcha powder can be used in drinks, in cooking and for baking.

Matcha has greater health benefits and a fuller flavour as it is made from the entire leaf and stem, and from the highest quality tea leaves.

In their last few weeks of growth, the tea leaves are covered and shaded from the sun. This increases the chlorophyll content and results in a darker shade of green. Only the finest leaves from the top of the plant are then picked and dried. The dried leaves are slowly ground, leaving the green powder known as matcha.


Matcha made